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Diana Brock

Diana is a Mom and a Food Allergy Advocate. She has been raising allergy awareness since 1995 and especially enjoys speaking to students in classrooms. She also makes presentations to school staff and administrators, as well as to parent groups. She has written and implemented anaphylaxis policies and protocols for schools and daycares.

Diana has a passion for writing and loves children’s books. Her son Evan lives with life-threatening food allergies and was the inspiration for The Best Audience. This is her first children’s book.

Diana was born in Montreal and now lives in Oakville, Ontario with her husband, three sons and pet bunny.

David Brock

David was born in Montreal in 1990 and now lives in Oakville, Ontario. He co-illustrated The Best Audience with his younger brother Evan by creating all the final line drawing illustrations.

Displaying an early affinity for art, David began drawing and creating his own comic books before the age of 5. He continued developing his artistic skills over the years and especially throughout high school. In 2013, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University (in Toronto, Ontario), where he received both a York University Entrance Scholarship as well as the 2008 York University Talent Scholarship for Fine Arts. His works have been exhibited at numerous events over the years, including the 2010 Nuit Blanche in downtown Toronto. David displays talent in all areas of visual fine arts and has a keen interest in printmaking. He also has a love of music and skillfully plays guitar and bass.

Evan Brock

Evan was born in Montreal in 1992 and now lives in Oakville, Ontario. He co-illustrated The Best Audience with his older brother David by creating and developing all the illustration concepts.

Showing an early aptitude for math and science, Evan later acquired a strong interest in art during high school. When he was just 17, he combined his artistic abilities with his talent in the technological aspects of digital media, to create a short animated film called A Domino Effect, winning the 2010 Halton Student Film Festival “Eddie” Award for 2D Animation. He has volunteered with Oakville’s West End Studio Theatre (WEST) on their productions of “Shirley Valentine” and “The Mating Game”, where he designed and operated all the music cues and sound effects. In 2010, Evan began studying Architecture at the University of Waterloo (in Cambridge, Ontario) where he received a University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarship; graduating with his Bachelor of Architecture in 2015.

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