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A Note From The Doctor
As a family doctor who deals with kids and allergies everyday in my clinical practice, I am keenly aware of how important it is for patients to be well educated about their allergies. In particular, food allergies can be very serious and life threatening.

Food allergens exist everywhere in our daily lives. What is perfectly safe for one person can be deadly for another. While it is imperative for people with food allergies to always be aware of all ingredients they are consuming, the offending allergens can easily creep into our foods by accident or cross contamination. Therefore, always being prepared is vital. Since there is no cure, education is the key. Allergies are very individual, and readers should discuss their allergies or potential allergies with their own doctors for more specifically tailored education and treatment options. An allergy specialist is sometimes needed. But early awareness can still start at home and in the classroom.

Diana Brock has experience with food allergen management in her own family, and has been involved in Allergy Education since 1995. Over the years, she has given countless presentations to students in classrooms; to school staff and administrators; and to parent groups. She has written and implemented anaphylaxis policies and protocols for schools and daycares.

Diana wrote this book in order to more widely disseminate her important message to parents and teachers, who could then educate their young children or students. I feel this book is a valuable tool to help children understand food allergies and introduce the basic principles of treatment.
I highly endorse this book as an excellent starting point to introduce the concepts of allergies to kids.
Dr. Julian Kho, MD, CCFP
Oakville, Ontario

"This beautifully illustrated book about allergies gives a lot of great information in a very clear and concise manner. It will be appreciated by both educators and families with food allergic children.”
Mary Allen, CEO, Allergy/Asthma Information Association

“Diana Brock is fully engaged in being part of the vision that it takes a village to raise a child. This book supports the learning of children and their caregivers. Life threatening allergy is a facet of both my work as a nurse in the Emergency Department and my own family. Thank you to Diana for making the world just a little safer for all of us.”
Julia Appleton, BScN, MSc Reg N

The Best Audience is an exceptional book that couples an engaging story with key messages on how children can help keep their allergic friends safe. This is a valuable resource for educators and parents alike as it covers so much important information on allergies in a way that kids will enjoy and relate to.”
Kyle Dine, Food Allergy Advocate and Musician

"For many years, this respected parent/author has presented to and educated students, teachers and parents about food allergies. This beautifully illustrated book serves as an educational resource to get an important message into the community. I highly recommend this book as a "Must Read" for every class of young children in order to bring about an early awareness of this growing health concern."
Dyane Francoeur, Elementary School Teacher

“When we read The Best Audience to our students, we are delighted at how much interest and participation we receive. Each child always has a story or example of allergies. Thank you, Diana, for writing the book. All schools should have copies.”
Karyn Glibbery, Supervisor, School Age Child Care,
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford

"Diana's passion for the safety of our children with allergies is evident in this short and thorough book. It has great value in the classroom as an educational resource and is a lovely story to share at home. What a great way to teach our kids that we all have a role in keeping each other safe!"
Mary Tabak, Parent of Anaphylactic Child and Health Professional







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